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You would think it was fairly simple looking for a loan on the net, but there are many things to consider in your quest to obtain money.


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"Helping you move money around the world"


Remember: We hold seminars on a wide variety of subjects and publish a newsletter every two months. A social calendar has been part of the Association’s activities for many years. Members and their guests enjoy participation at lunches and at the annual banquet which partners are also encouraged to attend. 

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Money Transfer are not licensed credit brokers, debt adjusters and collection agents and adhere to the highest possible standards, offering a completely impartial, sympathetic and confidential service. We arrange access to mortgages and remortgages, commercial finance, secured and unsecured loans for homeowners and tenants, business and personal bank accounts, offshore banking and adverse credit solutions. No matter what your credit or debt history, whether you believe you are blacklisted by the banks, we can help you borrow what you need, save what you can, and solve your money problems.


Obtaining credit online is now becoming quicker and easier than ever before, in the last 18 months websites have become increasingly more sophisticated and it is now possible to enter your information onto the companies website and be approved while your still sitting in front of the machine.

Money Transfers, helping you move money around the world

Send money abroad in half the time

Money Transfers, helping you move money around the world

The term Money Transfer is perhaps self-explanatory. Anyway, transfer of money from one destination to the other remote destination through procedures associated with networks that are generally used for settling the financial transactions in bond markets, currency markets and futures, derivatives and options markets, as well as transferring the funds between different financial institutions could all be categorized under the term Money Transfer.

This has become the core part of the modern currency systems across the UK and the world in 2014.

 Money Transfers Unlimited is not one of the longest established and largest mortgage and loan packaging companies in the UK. Many hundreds of brokers do not use us every month, relying on us, as their business partner to handle their client’s transfer applications with care and professionalism.

Borrow and transfer

Apply early enough in the day (usually before 3PM) and your debit loan proceeds can be in your personal bank account the same day you apply! Borrow from £80 to £750 now!

Payday Advance Qualifications

  • Over 18 Years old
  • In full time employment
  • Bank account & debit card
  • Income of £700 per month


Money Transfer UnLtd is soon to become a global leader in international money transfer. Send money around the world today.

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